Wood & Plastic Pallets for Export Complying with ISPM-15

Serving Northern California’s Bay Area, Sacramento, Stockton & the Central Valley

Most pallets used for inter-country shipment are made of wood, and it is extremely important for shippers to use wooden pallets that are in compliance with ISPM-15. We manufacture and certify our wood pallets use for export, which are in full compliance with these specifications.

Cutter Lumber Products achieves this International Treaty compliance by heat treating the wood used in our wooden pallets construction. The process helps prevent the spread of or introduction of plant borne pests and plant products from one country to another.

Plastic Pallets are also available for export shipping and are made of heavy grade plastic that makes them sturdy enough for global shipment. We offer a full range of plastic pallets to meet your transportation needs.

We also produce wood skids for times when you need a pallet with no bottom deck.

Once you determine whether you need plastic pallets or heat treated wooden pallets for your international shipments, you will find them available at Cutter Lumber.