Wood Pallets & Wooden Skids

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Wood pallets are the primary interface between the finished goods and the material handling equipment. The pallet’s integral role is often overlooked or minimized. Wooden pallets provide a safe, effective shipping and storing platform throughout demanding and diverse situations in the unit load process. Skids are simply pallets without a bottom deck.

A proper pallet specification should take into consideration not only the unit load weight requirements, but all of the material handling situations the load will encounter including: free span racking, conveyor travel, forklift handling, and AGV systems.

Pallet specifications can be designed to accommodate any unique automated equipment performance requirements. Pallet specifications involve among other things the product, its configuration and packaging type. If you are over-packaging your product to compensate for non-uniform pallets, it is costing you money.

To sum up, an appropriately designed pallet can reduce product damage rates by eliminating or lessening the consequences of impacts, protruding objects and heavy loads. Correct specifications can increase material handling efficiency in all phases of the unit load process.

Stringer Pallets

The stringer pallet is the most commonly used pallet in the United States. It is called that because it uses “stringers”, which support the unit load. The stringers are the boards, typically 2×4’s or 3×4’s, sandwiched between the top and bottom deck boards.

Block Pallets

Block pallets are true 4-way entry pallets. They use blocks of solid wood to support the unit load.